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The College has been proudly offering online classes since 2009. We currently offer eight classes per session. Students who have studied at the College in the past can enjoy the rich musical experience they have become familiar with, and new students from around the world can access Indian music classes which were formerly unavailable to them.

What we are offering:

- Live classes: You will be joining students who are physically in the class
- Optional 2-way communication Both teacher and student can see eachother or student can choose to not be seen depending on class
- Live chat: All of the classes have a monitor who can answer your questions live
- Recorded classes: You will receive a link to the recorded class for later use
- E-mailed notation: It will be sent to you for all classes, except for the tabla lessons
- A personal Skype lesson with the teacher during the session to get feedback
- Direct contact with the teacher anytime during the session to ask questions

The classes can be taken from anywhere in the world! Our online students are currently located in: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Utah, London, New York City, Toronto, Portland, Colorado, Tokyo, Kolkata, Mumbai, and various parts of California.

If you have thought of taking classes at the College, but cannot attend the entire session due to work or other commitments, this can be the solution. You can physically attend the classes whenever possible, watch live from home online, or learn from the recording at a later time.