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September 11th - November 3rd

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If you would like to pay for classes in two installments, contact the office to set up a recurring credit card payment plan.

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Vocal I Instrumental I Beginning Tabla (I/II)
    with advanced instructors
Sitar Workshop Instrumental II Swapanji’s Tabla
  Instrumental III  

Online Classes (check all that apply)
These classes are live webinars. Please call the main office after you register if this is your first
time enrolling in this program, or if you have any questions.

Online Vocal I Online Instrumental I Online Tabla Intermediate Pre-Recorded Classes -
   Tala Class I (rhythm training)
Sitar Workshop Online Instrumental II Online Tabla Advanced Pre-Recorded Classes -
   Sargam (singing)
  Online Instrumental III    

Private Lessons:

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Adults @ $65
Youths @ $50

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Please observe the following terms:
Audio recordings and written notes from Ali Akbar College of Music classes cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Students are prohibited from giving class recordings or notes to anyone other than a registered student. Students shall not send or publish any notation over the Internet.

Note: If you decide to drop a class, please inform the office immediately so that proper credit minus a non-refundable $25 registration fee can be issued.
Paypal fees of 3% incurred by online registration will be charged to the student in the event of a refund.

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